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“The King Crop” Innovational Non-chemical product,free from toxic. It can be used for every type of crops and plants by spraying on leaves &  stem up to 2 to 3 acres /Sachet( 1 gm ) 

GOLG ... Amazing INVENTION. 1g for 1 hectare of land


Premium grade plant supplement with advance technology .It has all the basic macronutrients as per Central Lab Analysis  & minerals necessary for plant growth & better yield. Its health & eco friendly. It can help farmers to save around 30% of agricultural costs. Its easy to move & store. It is effective in every important aspect of plant For other environmental conditions such as dryness, coldness, Moreover, it also helps to increase the performance for absorption of sun energy as the vital force for the photosynthesis . It helps plant to grow its roots deeply to stand and protect itself This also results in a complete growth for plants to produce new shoots, bulbs flowers, fruits, and to increase starch , sugar & better root system, The premium grade plant supplement will control the processes relating to target cells of plants at specific areas and also help to determine the plant shape, seed

germination, flower blossoming, stem & shoot production,

new leaves production, and also the ripeness of the fruit.

Usage ...

For Rice,Wheat, Cassava, , Sugarcane & Corn  mix 1 sachet of Gold with 120 litres of water 

 &spray every 10-15 days until the harvest.

For Vegetables , 

mix 1sachet of Gold with 150 to 200 liters of water & spray every 7 to 10 days .   FRUITS......Mix 1 sachet of Gold with 100 liters of water & spray around the trunk & on the leaves every 10 to 15 days..

Can be used with other chemical products / microbial pesticides...

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